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Collaboration among the ILCB laboratories inferred from the ILCB publication data. The quantity of interest here is each individual co-authorship relation. For example, a publication signed by Labs A, B, C, A will result in the following relations: A-B, A-C, A-A, B-C. Note that relations with institutions outside the ILCB network are not considered here.

The bar graph shows, for each lab, the proportion of internal (A-A) and external relations (A-B, A-C…) computed over all the publications. A 100% blue bar indicates no collaboration with other ILCB structures. At the other end, a 100% turquoise bar indicates that all the publication relations are with other ILCB structures.

The chord graph focusses on the external relations only, highlighting the strength of the collaboration between each pair of ILCB structures.